Tymbrel Blog Cheat Sheet

How To Add a Blog Article to My Tymbrel Website

Blog Post Cheat Sheet

Adding a blog post to your Tymbrel website:
As a PRowl Communications client utilizing the Tymbrel CMS website platform, you are a step ahead of your competition already. Stay there by consistently adding blog posts – THIS IS GREAT FOR SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
If you haven't added a blog post to your website yourself yet, be sure to watch the helpful training videos provided by Tymbrel.. This is the best way to learn the in's and out's of your blog app on your site.
blog app video options snapshot

You can find the videos by:
1. Clicking the training icon on your dashboard
2. Find blog app – and select the videos – each has a corresponding time so you know how long each video is. These are complete step by step walk throughs – so simple:

In a nutshell –
1. Create the title – this will automatically create the url as well in the area just below the title
2. The url itself – edit to remove unnecessary words (think SEO). NOTE – if you have duplicated a previous post, be sure to change the url completely.
3. Write the 'paragraph leadin' statement – (think SEO) – often this statement can be used for your 'Excerpt' below.
4. Add the content of your blog post and images
5. With images – be sure to put the alt description in – (describe the image – again for SEO)
6. Links – be sure to set the title – (for SEO) and if internal select (none) if external select 'Open in New Window' – you never want to take people away from your website.
7. Excerpt – always complete this (IMPORTANT: The excerpt is what shows on your home page and in the main blog page feed. If you do not put the excerpt in, often it will show the whole article on your home page and in the feed – not what you want)
Click the down arrow – give the page a title ie: Cooking with Gas | Recipe | Your Business Or Site Name
Meta Description: Always complete this ensuring you are using the keywords for the post including the title or part of the title representing key words. Make it compelling while still telling readers what you will find on the page – you are limited to the number of characters.  This is SO IMPORTANT FOR SEO, it is also what will display if you share the article on facebook or other social sites in the description under the photo.
9. Add the 'featured image'. This image is what will appear on your blog feed page and also what will be used on your social sites when sharing the post. It will also automatically display in the page itself unless you tell it not to by removing the check mark to display on page (save as draft before clicking off the image).
10. Choose the category your blog post should appear in if you have categories set up.
11. Date and time – you can backdate, leave as is for the current date and time, or you can choose a date in the future – if you do this, the blog will not be visible on the website until the date and time chosen.
12. Appear in blog feed should be on, unless you do not want it in the blog feed.
13. Make a Featured Post – this will put the post at the top of the blog feed until you turn it off. New posts always appear at the top of the feed unless backdated. Only use this for those posts that are extremely important that you want all visitors to your blog feed to read.
14. When all is ready – hit publish and the blog is live on your site. In the future you can save as draft to remove it from the site, but still have access to the article yourself – you can edit and republish at a later date.

If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will be happy to lend a hand. 

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