Setting Up Your Bravenet Email

Setting Up Your Bravenet Email

If we have registered your domain for you - chances are good your email is hosted through Bravenet.  (if you're not sure check with us). 


You can access your e-mail through our webmail system at When prompted, just enter your e-mail address and the password associated with that address. If you forget your e-mail password, you can reset it in the e-mail tab of your Bravenet account.

General Settings

The exact steps to set up your email client differ based on the client. In general you will need the following information. This assumes that you've created a Bravenet email address in the email tab of your account already. Below we have the recommended settings, we highly recommend you use SSL encryption, and the IMAP protocol, when available.

Incoming Mail Settings

  • Email Protocol: IMAP
  • IMAP Server:
  • IMAP Port: 143
  • Connection Security: TLS/StartTLS
  • Username: The email address you are checking, e.g.
  • Password: The password for this specific email account.
  • Authentication Type: Password

Outgoing Mail Settings

  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP port: 587
  • Connection Security: TLS/StartTLS
  • Username: The email address you are sending from, e.g.
  • Password: The password for this specific email account.
  • This outgoing mail server requires authentication (this is an option in some email clients, which must be checked). If no password is set, you will receive a "Relay Access Denied" message

All possible options are listed on the Alternate e-mail configuration settings page, such as using POP3 and non-SSL encryption.

3rd Party E-mail Clients

We've provided step-by-step instructions for a few common clients below. For other e-mail clients, use the general information above, and refer to your e-mail client's documentation for information on how to enter this data.

Instructional Videos

You can find some instructional videos on how to setup your Bravenet email account with a few email clients here:

Setting up Bravenet Email on:


Email accounts have a default quota of 100 emails per hour, to prevent email accounts from being abused for unsolicited bulk email (spam), email mailing lists, and other such massive email usage that - if legitimate - should be performed through our Mailing List Service instead. Bravenet personal email accounts are intended only for personal email use. The 100/hour quota resets hourly, so someone could send 70 emails at once, wait an hour, and then send 70 more; but they could not send 70 emails and then immediately send another bulk mail to 70 other individuals, as that would be 140 within an hour. They would have to send less than 30, or wait an hour to send more.

Likewise, each (individual) email account has a maximum storage allocation of 2 gigabytes, though users can create multiple separate email accounts each with 2 GB of storage.

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