What is the Average Time on a Website

What is the Average Time Visitors Spend on a Website?

One of our clients recently asked us what the average time by visitors spent on a website was. While we gave him a quick answer of 2.34 minutes, it dawned on us after this is actually the average spent by visitors to the websites we build, not necessarily a true representation of all websites.  
bouncing on a ballwebsite bounce rates
So we did a little research. 
As it turns out, the true average time on a website is 53 to 55 seconds. We find it hard to believe anyone could learn anything about a business in 53-55 seconds, but that is the norm - at least for organic searches (meaning when someone searches for a product, service or information and lands on your website). 
In comparison, the average time spent on a website according to Google if direct traffic (the visitor has your website and types it in or is directed to it from your social posts, signatures, marketing material) is better at 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Bounce Rate

If you monitor your website traffic through google analytics or other service, one of the items always monitored is the bounce rate. It usually attracts your attention because it has a high number - many 70% +. So thinking the word bounce and 70% or higher, you automatically conclude this can't be good.  
The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (bounce) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. 
An excellent bounce rate would be between 26-40%, 41-55 percent is average, 56-70% is higher than average, 70% plus -- well major work needed here... 

How do you reduce the bounce rate? 

1.  Target  your keywords to the specific page - so when visitors land on it, they find what they are looking for
2. Improve the readability of the page - large print, point form, avoid long descriptions
3. Have a strong call-to-action triggering the next step
4. Avoid disruption such as pop-ups 
5. Stay true to your brand

There are more ways to help reduce the bounce rate, for those, we suggest you contact us for an analysis of your website
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